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Environmental awareness and sustainability

In accordance with our guidelines, the company deals conscientiously and respectfully with the issues of resources and climate change, which is reflected, for example, in responsible manufacturing processes of our products for people and environment, as well as in our packaging policy.

We convince our customers with the longevity of our products. Thanks to good quality, valuable resources are saved.

With our product portfolio we want to offer our customers innovation, quality and competitiveness

The use of high-quality materials and production in compliance with human rights is a matter of importance to us

Looking beyond the horizon and also looking at the beginning of a supply chain is necessary to ensure sustainability thinking and the respectful use of resources

Our products and solutions are developed taking into account their life cycle and on the basis of sound environmental standards

The limited use of certain hazardous substances, the considerate disposal of old electrical equipment and the European Chemicals Regulation for the protection of people and the environment are just a few of the directives that our company implements

The new packaging concept of using recycled paper, avoiding plastic as far as possible and switching from printed to digital invoices actively contributes to environmental awareness and "green thinking"

The development of the occupational safety culture and the health of the employees are implemented in our company on a daily basis

RaidSonic strives for a leadership culture based on shared values, innovative spirit and flat hierarchies

Staying ahead of the future working environment

Red Dot Design 2019 winner is the premium aluminium-polycarbonate DockingStation from ICY BOX IB-DK2801-TB3. It supports daisy-chain function, as well as all established video interfaces on the market and any computer with Thunderbolt™ 3 interface. The latter is used to charge your notebook with up to 85 W.