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Twin power socket strip with USB charger
for desk or wall mounting


  • TURN 1 INTO 5: With just one free socket, two additional EU 230 V sockets and three USB charging ports are created: 2x USB Type-A with max. 10 watts and 1x USB Type-C with max. 15 watts charging power
  • SIMULTANEOUS CHARGING: Charge three devices quickly and simultaneously via the USB ports and additionally two devices via the sockets. Or use the sockets for any other electrical devices 
  • INTEGRATED FUSE: The overcurrent fuse is triggered if the load current permanently exceeds 16 amps. A tripped fuse is indicated by the main switch of the unit
  • 2 SCREWS INCLUDED: Two elongated holes on the bottom of the enclosure offer the option of fixing it to the wall or anywhere else that gives you easy access to the connections 
  • NON-SLIP STAND: The four silicone feet on all four corners of the bottom of the case provide a non-slip stand. This is especially important when plugging in and unplugging devices or moving cables 

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1x USB-C
1x USB-C

1x USB Type-C® with 5 V@3 A charging power

2x USB-A
2x USB-A

2x USB Type-A with 5 V@2,4 A charing power

Twin power socket
Twin power socket

Double power socket with protective contact socket for child-safe use

Silicone feet
Silicone feet

Silicone feet for non-slip stand

Wall mounting
Wall mounting

Flexibility due to wall mounting option


LED for power

Turn 1 into 5

Turn 1 into 5

Multiply your possibilities. With just one free household socket, you have the option of using two additional EU 230 V sockets and you gain three additional USB charging ports, for example to charge your tablet, smartphone or smartwatch simultaneously with 12 or 15 watts.

Anchor point

Anchor point

Two elongated holes on the underside of the housing provide the option of mounting the socket anywhere you like, be it on the wall or on your desk. The 1.90 m long cable offers enough flexibility to fix the socket wherever it suits your needs.

Power at the touch of a button

Power at the touch of a button

With the on/off switch, the entire power strip can be switched on or off. When not in use, you simply turn off the power strip and save energy and money, while doing something good for the environment. The overcurrent protection integrated in the switch also ensures safety.


Technical data
Model IB-MPS2220B-CH
Article no. 60944
EAN Code 4250078172727
Colour Colour
Material Fireproof plastic
Number of power socket 2
Type of sockets EU Type-F (CEE 7/3)
Safety features Resettable fuse
Integrated charger Yes
USB Type-A port 2x
USB Type-C® port 1x
USB Type-A power 5 V@2,4 A = 12 W
USB Type-C® power 5 V@3 A = 15 W
Power Delivery No
System requirements One free, household EU ~230 V power outlet
Logistical data
Packing content 1x IB-MPS2220B-CH, 1x manual
Packing unit 20 pcs. / carton
Total weight 12.00 kg
Gross weight: (with packing) 0.56 kg
Net weight 0.46 kg
Dimension/Carton 445x435x250 mm
Dimension (with packing): 85x110x200 mm
Dimension of article 98x108x40 mm
Country of Origin China




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Article number: IB-MPS2220B-CH

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