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Professional microphone boom arm
with cable management and 360° rotatable base


The IB-MAG103B-T features high-quality aluminium construction, internal springs and integrated cable management to give you a professional studio-quality experience. The internal springs provide effortless 360° adjustment, so you’re ready for any application. Whether it’s game streaming, podcasting or broadcasting, this is a perfect solution that will go down as well with you as it will with your audience.

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Microphone arm
Microphone arm

Threaded microphone holder: suitable for most vocal, dynamic and condenser microphones


360° rotatable boom with rotary knob: allows flexible angle adjustment, movement and fixation

Cable management
Cable management

Clip-on cable holder: keeps cords out of the way



The microphone arm offers a flexible microphone position that can be aligned according to your wishes. This is helped by the 360° rotatable boom, which is also equipped with a rotary knob for fixing the desired position. The foldable scissor arm allows for compact storage as well as easy transport of the microphone arm.

Everything under control

Everything under control

The microphone arm can be securely attached to the desk top in two ways. If your desk has a recess, you can attach the monitor arm to the desk top using the desk grommet. Otherwise, use the clamping foot. In both cases, the tabletop thickness can vary from 10 to 60 mm. The accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

For almost any microphone

For almost any microphone

The IB-MAG103B-T comes with a 3/8 and 5/8 universal thread connection. This means you can easily attach almost any common microphone to the thread. A plus are the double suspension springs in each arm segment, which protect the microphone from falling down or shocks.


Technical data
Model IB-MAG103B-T
Article no. 60872
EAN-Code 4250078172055
Colour Matt-black
Material Aluminium, plastic, steel
Max. weight of microphone 1 kg
Mounting Clamp or grommet base
Base - Rotate (Pivot) +180° – -180°
Wall mount - Rotate (Pivot) +180° – -180°
Tilt (arm) +45° – -90°
Tilt -20° – +60°
Tilt angle microphone -240° – 0°
Max arm extend 825 mm
Max arm height 949 mm
Table thickness For clamp base: 10 – 60 mm For table feed-through: 10 – 60 mm
Logistical data
Packing content IB-MAG103B-T, manual (microphone not included!)
Packing unit: 10 pcs./carton
Total weight 18.58 kg/carton
Gross weight (with packing) 1.743 kg
Net weight 1.363 kg
Dimension/carton 1000x220x423x mm
Dimension (with packing) 980x110x80 mm
Dimension of article 980x110x80 mm



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Article number: IB-MAG103B-T

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