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Bluetooth® (3.0) keyboard with gesture function
and 3.5" touchpad


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All in one

All in one

The size of a full-size keyboard including a 3.5" touchpad with two mouse buttons for right- and left-click and Windows® 8 gesture function let the KSK-5220BT score in terms of typing comfort and flexibility.

Slim design

Slim design

The keyboard is only 15 mm high and yet the patented soft-touch membrane technology and the service life of approx. 3 million keystrokes per key give a long-term, pleasant haptic.

Elegant style

Elegant style

The surface is made of a stylish combination of matt plastic and shiny stainless steel. The KSK-5220BT connects to the desired device via Bluetooth® 3.0 and has a range of up to 10 metres.



Technical Data
Model KSK-5220BT
Article No 22112 (UK) / 22111 (DE)
EAN Code 4250078161998 (UK) / 4250078161981 (DE)
Brand KeySonic
Category Keyboard
Colour Black
Layout DE, EN, FR
Construction of keyboard Soft-touch membrane technology
Life expectancy 3 million keystrokes
Actuation 2.0 mm
Pressure point 60 ±10 g
Battery type 2x AAA
Temperature -10 ~ +50°C
Interface for receiver USB
Effective radio range 10 m
Connection Bluetooth® 3.0
Number of keys 81
Key mechanism X construction
Mouse Touchpad with 2 mouse buttons
Compatibility Windows®, Android™
Logistical Data
Packing unit 20 pcs/carton
Total weight 11.8 kg/carton
Gross weight (incl. packing) 0.562 kg
Net weight 0.382 kg
Dimension/carton 405x280x319 mm
Dimension of packing box 145x390x27 mm
Dimension of article 355x130x15 mm
Country of origin China


Data sheet


Why does my keyboard write numbers instead of letters?
The keyboard has a number block that is integrated into the normal keypad. The number block can be permanently activated or deactivated by pressing the key labeled "Num" in the upper right corner of the keyboard. The Num Lock LED in the top right-hand corner indicates whether the numeric keypad is activated or not.
Why does my keyboard write different letters and characters than those shown on the keyboard?
Probably the keyboard layout has been changed in your operating system. You can change the keyboard layout by opening the "Language" setting in Control Panel and select your language.
Where can I find drivers for my device?
You can find the latest drivers for your device in the Download Center in the Support category. However, if you are using a current operating system, it will rarely be necessary to install drivers later.
For wireless keyboards: Does the keyboard turn off when not in use?
Yes, wireless keyboards go into sleep mode when not in use for several minutes.
With wireless keyboards: If I haven't used the keyboard for a few minutes, there is a short delay with the first keystrokes. Why?
Your wireless keyboard will go into a sleep mode if you haven't used it for a few minutes. This saves battery power. When you press a key on the keyboard, the keyboard wakes up from sleep mode, so there is a short delay for the first key strokes.
For wireless keyboards: Why does my keyboard suddenly stop working or only react to my input with a delay?
If your keyboard input only appears on the PC with a slight delay, then the connection from your keyboard to the receiver might be disturbed.

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Article number: KSK-5220BT

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