3-port desk hub
with SD/microSD card reader, USB Type-A interface and audio in-/output


  • PRACTICAL TABLE EXTENSION: The ICY BOX table hub adds 2x USB 3.0 Type-A and 1x USB 3.0 Type-C, audio in/out and SD/microSD card reader to a 60 mm cable feed-through
  • TOP SPEED: All three USB ports use the USB 3.0 standard with transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps. With USB Type-C, even the latest computer peripherals are supported
  • AUDIO SOUND: Two 3.5 mm audio ports allow you to quickly connect headphones, headsets, stereo systems and microphone. So good sound is guaranteed
  • DUST PROTECTION: If the connections of the desk hub are not needed, the supplied cover protects them from dust. This simply prevents connection problems caused by dirt
  • EASY TO INSTALL: 120 cm USB 3.0 and audio cable are integrated and can be connected directly to the PC. Optionally, you can also connect a 5V power supply unit for charging devices

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2x USB 3.0 Type-A, 1x USB 3.0 Type-C® - up to 5 Gbit/s

Card reader
Card reader

SD/microSD card reader


With audio in-/output


Plug & Play and HotSwap

Makes the computer more sociable

Makes the computer more sociable

The IB-HUB1404A offers two USB 3.0 ports to connect a variety of devices. The SD / microSD card reader and the audio In/Out complete the versatility and to top it off, a USB Type-C™ port is available so the latest peripherals can be connected.

Fast reading, fast loading

Fast reading, fast loading

All USB ports support USB 3.0 bandwidth and thus transmission rates of up to 5 Gbit/s. On the other hand, the hub is connected via USB 3.0 and Audio In/Out to a PC or laptop.

Humble helper

Humble helper

Often advantages bring new disadvantages, not here while bringing 3 new USB 3.0 ports, a card reader, and audio ports the cable management hole is still usable even while the cover is used to protect the connectors.

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Technical Data
Model IB-HUB1404A
Article No. 60304
EAN Code 4250078166306
Category Hub
Material Black
Color Black
Transfer rate Up to 5 Gbit/s
Hot Swap Yes
Power connector Optional: 5 V Power supply can be connected
Operating system Windows, macOS, Linux
Plug & Play Yes
External data interface 1x USB 3.0 Type-C™, 2x USB 3.0 Type-A, 1x audio input, 1x audio output, 1x SD/Micro SD card reader
Connection to the PC Integriertes USB 3.0 Type-A Kabel, ca 120 cm
LED power
Cable length approx 120 cm
SD Card type SD/Micro SD
Logistical Data
Packing unit 40 pcs./carton
Total weight 12.0 kg/carton
Gross weight (incl. packing) 0,276 kg
Net weight 0,156 kg
Dimension/carton 535x370x430 mm
Dimension of packing box 200x102x87 mm
Dimension of article 69x68x70 mm
Country of origin China


Data Sheet


Are special drivers required?
No, only the standard USB drivers are required, which are already pre-installed on your system. Please make sure that the USB drivers are up to date.
Is Plug & Play supported?
Yes, Plug & Play is supported.
What is the cable length?
In most cases, you will find this information in our datasheet. You can view and download the datasheet on the product page under "Download/FAQ/Support" - "Download Center".
Which memory cards are supported?
You can find this information for each product in our datasheet (also for download). You can view and download the datasheet on the product page under "Download/FAQ/Support" - "Download".
What is Multi-LUN?
The term Multi-LUN stands for the function of being able to read several memory cards at a time. For example, SD and microSD cards can be read and written to at the same time in a card reader. If the card reader is not Multi-LUN capable, only one memory card can be used at a time. In addition, all other memory cards must be removed from the card reader.
The hub/card reader is without function after sleep mode!
Windows® may have automatically turned off the USB root hub to save power. To prevent this from happening, use the following steps to change the USB root hub settings to keep it powered on during sleep mode.
Windows 8/8.1 and 10
• Go to the Windows® settings and select "System" - "Network operation and energy-saving". Then select the "additional power settings".
• Click the power plan settings you want to change.
• Click "Change advanced power settings.
• Click the plus sign (+) next to "USB settings" and "Selective USB Power Saving Setting" to expand the options and change the setting to "Disabled".
• Click OK to apply the setting.
Note: After applying these settings, you may need to disconnect and reconnect your USB device to reconnect.