Mar 06, 2022 News



Acting sustainably - RaidSonic is working to protect the environment

Sustainability is no longer a trend topic, as companies in particular play an important role here. The reduction of plastic packaging, reforestation and the switch to digital content are at the foreground. We at RaidSonic are rising to this challenge.


What does sustainability mean for us?

The implementation of a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy generates a lot of pressure on companies, so that many managers are afraid to adopt it. But the fact is, companies can benefit from sustainable ethics. That is why RaidSonic Technology wants to take on this challenge. We have already been trying to pay attention to sustainability in our product design for many years.

How do we contribute to environmental protection?

Even if we are still at the beginning of our new direction, we can already point to many successes. For example, we have completely eliminated plastic from our packaging and instead use recycled cardboard. In addition, we train our employees to carefully separate waste so that it can be reprocessed after disposal.

A significant change is the conversion to paperless invoicing and salary accounting. This means that our employees and contract partners only receive their pay slips and invoices digitally as PDFs. This allows us to save several kilogrammes of paper annually and to act faster and more flexibly.

But not only the renunciation of synthetic substances and paper is in the foreground for us. The conversion of our products is one of our highest priorities. We have already started to make our products more energy-efficient.

RaidSonic IB-PS104 – energy-efficient charger for mobile devices

We are starting our sustainability campaign with the IB-PS104, an energy-efficient charger for notebooks, smartphones and other mobile devices. Thanks to the USB Type-C port, notebooks can be quickly and easily supplied with up to 100 watts. This allows mobile devices to be charged in the shortest possible time. An intelligent chipset within the IB-PS104 automatically detects the charging status of the smartphone, tablet or notebook so that no overcharging, overvoltage or overheating can occur. Thanks to the four ports, several devices can be charged simultaneously.

Things are not easy at the beginning, but we are making rapid progress

We’ve made a start, so that we can now expand and develop our sustainability programme even faster. In the future, we plan to support climate protection projects, such as the reforestation of regional forests. Not only financially, but with our work we want to contribute to a greener and more ecological world. In addition, we want to reduce our water consumption, whether in the office or during production. Every employee can contribute a small part without having to limit themselves noticeably.

Working together for the environment

The path to a greener future is not easy for companies and mankind. Time and cost factors do not play the main role here, because correct implementation as well as a sustainable strategy are also highly important. But at the same time, successfully integrating sustainability into the company means benefits in the form of cost efficiency and strengthening customer relationships by increasing one's own credibility. RaidSonic Technology is convinced that a sustainable attitude in personal and professional life will have long-term positive effects.