Feb 01, 2022 News

DisplayLink® becomes a part of Synaptics®

DisplayLink® becomes a part of Synaptics®

The good news - all ICY BOX® devices based on DisplayLink® technology are and will remain up-to-date and become even more future-proof and innovative through the merger of the above-mentioned companies.

Thus, the link to the Synaptics® website, when entering the provided DisplayLink® driver address, does not represent a malfunction. 

DisplayLink’s high performance software compression technology enables universal docking and casting of high bandwidth video from any device to any display using any transport medium such as USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

For the IT market, the solution supports multi-OS environments including Windows®, macOS®, Chrome OS™ and Ubuntu Linux® enabling a myriad of devices to seamlessly dock to multiple high-resolution (4K, 8K) displays.


"Synaptics® is a recognised leader in video interface solutions and this combination creates an exciting opportunity for DisplayLink® to bring greater value to the customers" (Graham O’Keeffe, CEO of DisplayLink®).

The DisplayLink® acquisition, further accelerates Synaptics®’ long-term IoT diversification strategy. The combined roadmap is capable of delivering solutions that drive up to four 4K displays, adds support for emerging 8K/10K displays and the upcoming USB4® standard, and uniquely enables high-performance, dynamic wireless video docking and casting.