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ICY BOX brand

The own brand ICY BOX of RaidSonic became known in 2004 with the hard disk enclosure IB-350 and is still strongly associated with mobile racks and storage solutions.Until this today ICY BOX has expanded its product portfolio enormously and is now enjoying increasing popularity in 43 European countries. In 2013, the Australian continent was added to the portfolio and the USA have also recently joined the ranks of our business partners.

Our Global Reach

Our products are spread over 43 European countries, Australia and the USA
Around half a million fans enjoy our products
24 million
Since 1999, almost 24 million ICY BOX products have made people's work environments easier or enriched their homes
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Our Philosophy

Our aim is to keep ahead with innovative product ideas - creating trends instead of chasing after them, promoting innovation but at the same time maintaining the tried and tested.

Who we are

RaidSonic is a rising company, mainly active in Europe but in the course of expansion Asia and Australia are already in business. The focus of the company is on devices and accessories around storage media and storage processes. As a manufacturer of own brands RaidSonic could already acquire a good name in the upper market segment, especially the brand ICY BOX gains more and more recognition and integrates more and more into the market with IT products of the modern working environment.

Quality at ICY BOX

Quality is when we meet our customers' demands on our products, when the expected life cycle of the product is attained and when the customer is already positively taken in when he sees the product. To meet these requirements, we use high-quality materials and pay attention to flawless production. ICY BOX's engineering team has three decades of experience in the production of IT hardware products in large quantities. With our strict test cycles and quality verification procedures from the first production step in the manufacturing plants, we subject our products to quality tests that exceed industry standards. Optimised procedures in this regard are reflected in the lower RMA rate, which has averaged 0.6% in recent years.

Staying ahead of the future of work

Service at ICY BOX

Service is a question of values. We at RaidSonic are committed to being personally available for our customers on every working day of the week and around the clock via E-Mail / Hotline:
Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:30
Friday 8:30 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00
Sending support requests by email at any time.
Our service staff are available to provide advice, tips and direct assistance. Also, if the question of compatibility or system requirements arises or if a device is really defective, our hotline will be happy to help.