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Dec 23, 2021 News

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming



10 things you have to do during the Christmas time

  • Drinking mulled wine
  • Baking cookies
  • Watching "Love Actually”
  • Go ice skating
  • Watching Christmas fairy tales
  • Meeting friends
  • Decorating
  • Fire tongs punch
  • Watching "Christmas Vacation”
  • Buy X-mas tree


Christmas is coming

Christmastime, you wonderful time: The scent of cookies is in the air, candlelight lights up our living rooms and mulled wine warms our souls. Christmas is getting closer and closer and everyone has their own rituals to spend the pre-Christmas days.

A fixed habit for many is the baking of small delicacies. Christmas bakeries across the country are in full swing, Friends get together to bake cookies, and flour-dusted children's hands can be found everywhere in the kitchen. Afterwards, the still warm baked specialities are tasted while listening to Christmas music and drinking mulled wine or punch.


Ho-ho-holidays at home

In times of the pandemic, meetings between friends and family members increasingly take place virtually. An excellent webcam is essential for this. With the IB-CAM501-HD from ICY BOX® even baking cookies together becomes a live meeting in the kitchen. Because with AI auto-tracking, you always stay in the picture, even when dough is being rolled out and baking trays are whirling through the bakery. Two integrated microphones convey a sound as if you had to dodge the swirling clouds of flour. That's how close it feels, and real Christmas spirit will be conveyed in spite of the distance.

For more dignified conversations over a cozy glass of wine on the sofa, the IB-CAM301-HD is the right choice. Even in beautiful candlelight, the person on the other side will see you crystal clear - thanks to automatic exposure compensation and white balance. The camera can also be easily attached to a tripod. This way you can comfortably lie down and position the camera optimally.

ICY BOX® connects people

No matter what type of Christmas celebrant you are, ICY BOX webcams connect people all over the world. This way, you can spend the Christmas season with your sweethearts, even if you might not be able to be with them right now. Use the holiday season for nice conversations and moments of peace, together with family and friends.

We wish you a great Advent season, a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year.


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